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Burnt Out Men:  Be the Best Version of You Today...

Uncover Your Unique Strategy for Work-Life Balance!

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I understand the challenges you face. The pressure to excel in your career, fulfill your responsibilities, and nurture meaningful relationships can take its toll. But guess what? You don't have to settle for a life of exhaustion and dissatisfaction.

Introducing "The Work-Life Balance 5Day Challenge" designed exclusively for men like you, who are ready to break free from the chains of burnout and rediscover true fulfillment and success.

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The 5Day Challenge:

  • DAY #1: 100% Commitment to Change or Bust!
  • DAY #2: It's Not You, It's the Programming...
  • DAY #3: How Do You Want to Impact Your World?
  • DAY #4: No Problems...Only Solutions.
  • DAY #5: Your New Life is Waiting On You!
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True Wisdom Coaching:

My name is Matthew Greer. I am a personal life coach who supports burnt out men working in the construction industry. We will create Your Unique Accountability & Implementation Strategy that will provide you a Happy & Successful Work-Life Balance.

Over 12 years ago I was overwhelmed with exhaustion, confusion and defeated in all aspects of my life. Drinking, smoking and spending tons of money was my life. My body was as unhealthy as my relationships. I was overweight, unhealthy, laid-off from work, $200k in debt, void of social events and people, hated who I was at my J.O.B.  and had no other purpose but to go to work and pay the bills. I was sick, numb and a bit depressed.

It was after my DUI, and losing my job shortly after, that I decided 100% I must have something better for my life...I didn't know what "better" meant, but I began this 12+ year journey of living a happy and successful work-life balance anyways. This 12+ year journey has included:

- Becoming confident and Energized about the direction of my future
- Hopped off of the roller coaster ride called a "weight problem"
- Put an end to a slow death that was a steady drinking and smoking habit
- Secure in being just me in my personal and professional relationships
-  Earned $80K in yearly raises in a 4 year period by only implementing what I am about to show you inside this challenge
- Paid off over $150K in debt without paying $150K in less than 2 years
- Figured out how to enjoy my job while building this business
- Found my purpose in this world beyond going to work and paying the bills
- Learned a "spiritual" practice that supports me, others and the world
- Discovered how to program habits to fit my work-life balance needs.

And Now I want to share this information with you. This is why I have created "The Work-Life Balance 5Day Challenge" for you to have for FREE. You are not giving yourself a fighting chance if you don't implement the information provided in this 5Day Challenge. 

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Love ya, See Ya on the Next One, Peace! 

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